Thursday, April 08, 2010

my privilege

i get to raise 3 little souls. God entrusted me??!! with 3 little people. they amaze me everyday. they are cute. they are witty. they have beautiful hearts. they are FULL of LOVE. how did i get so lucky?

well, luck has nothing (i mean, nothing) to do with it. God has blessed me. God has loved me enough to give me (and charles) this amazing trio.

here's some of the amazing cuteness (in the last few days and weeks):

1. mylie (the other night in bed): "mom, i'm gonna let God into my heart."

2. when discussing the Easter story of Jesus telling them how Jesus was wrapped in his burial clothes and spices: mylie "jesus got that because he was dead. and stinky." charlie: "God is stinky?"

3. charlie (in the car today, singing): "skiddamarink a dink a dink, skiddamarink a doooo, i looooove cookies!"

4. charlie (whispering in my ear at bedtime as i rocked him): "mommy, i want to tell you a sacrit ('secret')." me: "yes, honey?" charlie (whispering with his sweet breath): "mommy, i LOOOVE you!"

5. mylie (every morning as i come downstairs...looking a little crazy, sometimes): "mommy, you look beYOUtiful today!"

6. charlie (although he has struggled losing his place as "the baby"): "zeke-y, you are going to stay with us forever and for always."

7. charlie: "mom, i don't remember the words. tell me this word in spinach." (he means "spanish"). (and btw, he knows all his colors in spanish and his numbers 1-10...he's two. wow. God made him. and, all of God's creations wow me.)

8. zeke: he is precious. smiling his cute smile and grin already. and, i'm convinced he's a hip hop dancer. he has quite a lot of cute moves.

there are so many more. every day. all day.

(disclaimer: we do have our struggles--quite a lot, but the joys fully outweigh the struggles. its all according to what i choose to focus on...)

thank you, Lord, for these amazing people that you put with us for these few short years.


Melodramommy said...

This was so precious! Thanks for sharing! I loved the "spinach" and "God is stinky?" That's hilarious.

Sarah C. said...

I was cracking up at the "God is stinky?" quote. They are too cute. Blessings indeed. And, yes, I fully get your disclaimer - I tend to focus on the positive. It makes the world a happier place and there's nothing wrong with that. :)

Monica said...

Isn't it a blessing that you have 3 little ones who think you are beautiful all the time! That's how God sees you too!

McDaniel Moments said...

You guys do have some great children. Jason and I pattern ourselves after you. We learn so much from ya!

Melodramommy said...

Tiff! I gave you an award today. Go visit today's post to pick it up and see what I had to say about you.

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